Thanks for stopping by! Here's a little about me.


Here I am, the fifth-grade hippie.

I'm wearing my favorite sweater and, though you can't  see it in the picture, my first pair of blue jeans. (In 1970, girls getting to wear jeans was a big deal!) By fifth grade, I was reading constantly. I also played soccer, drove my brother and sister crazy, and loved helping my mom in the kitchen.


Here I am now.

I still read constantly and wear jeans all the time. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and a lot of time in neighborhood coffee shops. I don't play soccer anymore, but I do ride my bike, practice yoga, and take my dog on walks.


Here's Abby with one of her favorite toys.

She keeps me and my husband very busy. She likes to chase squirrels, dig holes, sleep in the sun and eat dog cookies. Lots of dog cookies.


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Barbara Kerley Press Kit bio (docx)